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Andrew Wyeth unsigned reproductions
Andrew Wyeth signed reproductions
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We are often asked these questions: "What does OP Limited mean?" and "How does OP Limited relate to the Wyeth Archive?". OP Limited is simply Out of Print and Limited (edition). OP Limited describes the nature of the collection which we sell at OP Limited Gallery.

The Wyeth Archive is a private collection of Andrew Wyeth reproductions. This material was personally collected over many years by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wyeth. The extensive but finite collection of material has been archivally stored in original "from publisher" condition. Most of the collection is long out of print, and many images are rare, limited edition signed copies which are unavailable from any other source.

We are pleased to offer the Wyeth Archive material for sale at OP Limited Gallery. Our large gallery space in Thomaston, Maine, has many images on display and others available for viewing. We are open all year long and welcome walk-in visits or appointments. You can also contact us by FAX (207-354-6311) or e-mail.

We look forward to meeting and working with you, and we welcome any questions or requests about the Wyeth Archive collection.